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Where do Unicorns Live? The Answer Might Surprise You

Where do unicorns live?  In unicorn themed homes of course!   Your first thought might be of a fantasy house painted all the colours of the rainbow.  Perhaps you associate unicorn home decor with designing the ultimate child’s bedroom?  Unicorn style doesn’t have to end there though.  Every unicorn can have a home that reflects their unique personality and style.

Amina Mucciolo, aka the Tasselfairy demonstrated this with panache when she opened the door to her fantasy apartment on YouTube two years ago.    Known as Cloud Land, Mucciolo also refers to it as her Unicorn House.  Every room is an explosion of colour and imagination, from the living space, to the kitchen and of course the bedroom.   The video caused a media sensation and Tasselfairy has inspired a generation of unicorns to bring fantasy, colour and individuality back to interior design.

A Unicorn Lives Here

Sadly, we can’t all live in fantasy homes even if we want to. At the end of the day, most of us want to come back to a home which is stylish and on trend as well as practical for everyday family life.  The great news is you can unleash your inner unicorn and have a stylish sophisticated home which is both magical and relaxing without going crazy with primary colours or having your partner threaten to pack their bags and walk. If you live alone of course, let your mane down and go wild.

Magic Up a Mood Board

When designing an interior to reflect your taste, or when it’s simply time for a revamp, interior designers often advise clients to make a mood board. This is basically a one sheet scrapbook with snippets of fabric, paint colour charts, photographs of objects or even places that inspire you and from this you can put together a palette of colour and textures to work with.

These days we have Pinterest which does the same job as a mood board.  Pinterest is brilliant for adding things you don’t even own yet such as the sofa you really want or some other artefacts you haven’t yet bought. With Pinterest not only can you see all the elements in one place but the items in your mood board can include links to retailers.  Save, or pin, the picture of that perfect unicorn lamp or cushions or figurine now and then when you are happy with your design, you have links to all the retailers ready to go shopping.

A Palette for a Pegasus

A great way to decide on a palette is to take one key piece and extract your colour scheme from it. Say you start with your favourite unicorn picture. This may be one you have already, or one you have saved on your Pinterest mood board ready to buy.

What are the key colours in the picture?  These will be the basis of your colour scheme.   Maybe you found some fabulous unicorn cushions or a snuggly unicorn throw. You probably chose them to complement furniture you already own, so your unicorn cushions look great on your existing sofa. Using your key piece as inspiration, develop your colour scheme out from it and you can’t go wrong.

If you are lucky enough to be shopping for big ticket items such as a new sofa or a dining suite then you really can start from scratch as far as colour goes! Build out your colour palette from the key unicorn piece and you will achieve two things crucial to unicorn interior design. These are a harmonious colour scheme which naturally reflects unicorn colours and the perfect backdrop against which to showcase your hand-picked unicorn accessories and features.

Colour Me Unicornartists paint palette

Unicorn colours are as individual as you are – remember, the first rule of unicorns is always be yourself. There are of course certain colours we associate with unicorns and as unicorn lovers we are naturally drawn to these first.

There are three basic unicorn palettes: Classic, Pastel and Rainbow. When it comes to unicorn home decor, most of us are drawn to one particular colour scheme, so pick your unicorn and work with it.

Classic Unicorn

The classic unicorn is purest white, with blue eyes and gold embellishments. You can’t go far wrong when developing a colour scheme for your home if you start with a blank white canvas and gradually add colour to it. white unicorn in snowy forest

Pure Brilliant White can be too stark and cold for some people so luckily there are shades of white which create a softer and more harmonious feel whilst retaining the clean airy feel of pure snow white. This is where a shade known as Decorators’ White really is your best friend as it just softens the harshness of pure white without losing any of its ‘whiteness’.white living room

A predominantly white interior works best with natural wood or bleached oak floors and furnishings and lots of texture to soften the overall effect. If you are a creative unicorn, then chalk paint is the perfect accompaniment to a white interior so why not scour the charity shops for some interesting pieces to upcycle?white paint

Chalk paint is available in the subtlest of  ice cream colours and pastel shades.  It has a dreamy velvety texture that just begs to be touched.  Texture is so important for the classic unicorn interior.

Where colour is absent, textures add depth to the overall scheme so layer on tactile fabrics.  Feathers, faux fur, velvet, suede and brocade all add interest to the touch and for the eye too.

Metallic finishes are a huge trend for 2019 and work so well with the classic unicorn scheme. With a blank canvas like this, don’t be afraid to embellish features such as picture rails and dadoes with gold paint.

gold bedside lamp

Think of the golden horn on the white unicorn or the gold crown worn by the white unicorn in heraldry. Rose gold and copper are massively on trend for 2019 so go ahead and be bold with all the shades of gold for lamps, ornaments and picture frames. Light switches, door knobs and other fittings can be replaced with new metallic ones for an instant revamp and a whole new look.

Pretty Pastel Unicorn

With millennial pink still going strong, pastel shades are really coming into their own which is great news for unicorns.  The dustiness of millennial pink has gone now though giving way to lighter, brighter tones and a more playful happier feel.

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 iscoral coloured text

which may be too vivid for some tastes but makes a striking feature wall especially in a dining room and brings a warm invigorating tone to bathrooms. Pastel shades are wowing the crowds at design fairs across Europe and have been hailed as the new neutrals for 2019.

If you love to be on trend with colour while achieving a unicorn theme to your decor then check out some of the pastel shades of coral available.

Finally, it seems the rest of the world is saying goodbye to the monotonous grey which has been everywhere for the last few years. This is great news for unicorns everywhere  because DIY shops are at last welcoming colour with open arms making it easier for unicorns to create the sorts of homes that reflect our happy, colourful, unique style.

dreamy unicorn colour palette

Pastel tones big for 2019 reflect all the colours of the pastel unicorn, so pick up your favourite unicorn T-shirt, mug, plushie or anything else unicorn that you have and there is your palette for a dreamy, fun and playful colour scheme at home.

All the colours of the pastel unicorn are up for grabs and the most on trend shades for interiors are, lilac, lavender, tea rose, peach, celery, mint and lemon. Grab your paintbrushes unicorns and make a statement!pastel painted wooden boards

Unicorns Poop Rainbows – Right?

Bold rainbow colours can be difficult to pull off successfully at home and are better suited to public places as they work best in a large environment.

If you want the rainbow look at home, it is best achieved by creating an array of complimentary and contrasting colours rather than opting for the full rainbow. This can be a tricky look to achieve so why not try out a website like Scheme Color or Canva where you can download colour schemes and their individual colour codes?six colour lovely rainbow palette

There are a host of tools you can access online to help you select exactly the right shades to rock this bold look. By identifying the hex codes or Pantone references of the colours you want, you will be able to obtain them from your local decorating supplies shop. Just be sure you have written the codes down accurately.

To achieve the rainbow look for your home, a way to achieve it successfully is to narrow your palette down from the seven colours of the rainbow to five, or even four. Choose one as your main colour, for feature walls, one or two as secondary colours and the remainder used liberally as accent colours.5 colour rainbow palette

As long as your larger furniture pieces are all in the same neutral shade, it is possible to rock this look successfully but it really does work best in a larger space or a garden room. Whichever rainbow palette you decide to use, the key to making it work is not to deviate from the colours you have chosen, so don’t for example have cushions in two shades of green, or a different red for your curtains than your rug.

To make a success of the rainbow look you need to chose one shade of each colour and stick to it. The most successful rainbow coloured interiors are actually not rainbows at all but rather an array of colours. For example, red, yellow, blue, green or red, orange, yellow, mauve.

purple tone rainbow palette

Unicorns Upcycle and Sparkle

Massive for 2019 is iridescent finishes. Think of those tiny iridescent tiles that give an opalescent sheen to shower cubicles and splash backs, then apply them anywhere that needs a bit of zing.iridescent mosaic tiles

You could revamp the top of a shabby coffee table or smarten up an old mirror frame. Look out too for iridescent lampshades becoming popular on the high street, especially in gold and copper tones.

Hanging crystals where they will catch the light creates mini rainbows in a room and adds a real magical unicorn vibe.  Every unicorn home should generate rainbows so raid charity shops for old chandeliers, take them apart, re-string the crystals and hang them wherever they will catch the light and wait for the magic to happen!

Get Set Go!

Whichever scheme appeals to you, it is the little details which will pull the look together and make it work. By choosing unicorn motifs within your scheme, whichever one you go for, there will be no mistaking that a unicorn lives here.blue cartoon unicorn

Which scheme is your favourite, we’d love to hear from you! How have you decorated your homes to reflect your inner-unicorn? Do you have a favourite piece of unicorn art or furnishings that take pride of place in your home? Send us your pictures and we will feature them on the site. Email them to ally@unicorneverything.co.uk






12 thoughts on “Where do Unicorns Live? The Answer Might Surprise You

  1. I love the idea of a mood board, I myself have created a “wish board” on pinterest of things I would like to see come into fruition and of all the things I love.  Another great idea for this is to scrap book or even just cut out images or even draw on a bristol board or white board/cork board.

    I have seen some beautiful unicorn blankets and room decor online, my Daughter would love a unicorn themed bedroom to escape to.  Sparkly copper tones would be a perfect touch to achieve the magical creation of a unicorn themed bedroom or even a play house.

    1. Pinterest is fab for that isn’t Amanda?   I honestly think though that you can’t beat having an actual board or scrapbook that you can touch and play around with because it’s tangible and you can even take it shopping with you to make sure the bits and bobs you have match well with items you find out shopping.

      Why not make a scrap book with your daughter? I bet she’d love to do that with you.  She might even surprise you with the ideas she comes up with.  I don’t know how old she is but when my daughter was little we would cut things out of catalogues and old magazines ad then she would incorporate these into drawings of her plans.  That’s how I ended up buying the brightest yellowest carpet in the world for her bedroom when she was two.  Honestly, you needed sunglasses to look at it but to her it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

      I love copper and rose gold and they are so on trend right now I am sure you will find some fabulous pieces she will love.

  2. This was such a fun post to read and absorb! I haven’t had the pleasure of designing my own interior yet, as I’m still renting, but not for long and I will absolutely be book marking this site for future reference. You made some really great points, at the same time as making it exciting! Thanks so much 

    1. Hi Josie

      I understand how restricted you can be when renting because landlords often dictate paint colours or simply won’t allow tenants to decorate at all.  As a renter you really don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash doing up someone else’s property either!  

      There’s nothing to stop you creating a unicorn theme with your soft furnishings and accessories though.  Its amazing how you can change the look of a place with a few statement pieces if they are in harmony with each other.  

      If you start collecting things that inspire you on a mood board now you will be well on your way to creating your own unique style when you finally get to buy a property of your own.  Good luck with the property hunting!

  3. Hi, I am an interior designer, and I love the way you have compared the unicorn and make it match with the example of the interior of your post. You really gave the idea of that magical moment and even though unicorn and not real but interior are you were truly able to create that sense of how a space would look using some unicorn colors. You actually inspired me in wanting to go and paint my living room area all over again!!

    1. Hi Barbara

      If we have inspired an interior designer then I can only put that down to the magical power of unicorns 🙂  Pastel and ice cream colours are so big for decor and interior design this year I’m sure you will be able to use a little unicorn colour in deigns for your clients.  Or, you could just go and paint the living room!

  4. Unicorn. I love this topic because as someone who is into fashion, I get the mood board thing. Picking an inspirational picture and building your colors from it. This helps to design your house into something beautiful and you will just be so surprised with what you come up with.
    I love Bold colors mixed with universal colors as a theme for my home and I just love to come to a well organized home and this Unicorn idea is so cute. I also love the classic unicorn idea. Thanks so much. This gives me lots of ideas about fashion and the design of my living room.

    1. Hi Lerakinz

      You are so right, mood boards are such a brilliant tool for fashion, interior design, garden design.  You have a point of reference and sometimes it will spark off ideas you would never even have thought of unless you had the board in front of you.  

      I love when people collaborate on a mood board too, I think it is brilliant for couples when designing a home together because actually laying objects in front of you really helps to understand what each person actually has in mind.  It’s a safe environment to try things out rather than making assumptions, and ending up in a row!

       I love to pick an object and work out from it.  I found some beautiful curtain material for our bedroom and then I was able to match the paint colour to it and pick up key pieces to dress the room.  Its a really simple peaceful room but everyone says how stunning it is.  All because we created a mood board out from a material swatch.

      Your home sounds lovely.  It sounds like you have a real eye for colour and design.  Thank you for dropping by and sharing it with us.

  5. Wow! I couldn’t get enough of this write up even after reading it twice. Its simply awesome. I must commend you for taking your time to share this exhaustive and intriguing post. Personally, I like the classic unicorn and assessing by the image of the painted house, it looks very classy, mature and fits my taste.

    But, I dare not apply that to the kid’s room. They love array of colors and I think the Unicorns Poop Rainbows would suit them more better to give it a playful and friendly atmosphere. I really appreciate your post. Also, I learnt from the post too.

    1. Hi Darrick

      I dreamed once of an all white house, and the base colour of my home is indeed white.  Add kids and pets into the mix however and you are fighting a losing battle.  I love big bold colours too and I’m never afraid of making a statement with colour.  

      The layers and layers of white look though is classy and very grown-up, I think it is a style that simply wows people when they walk in and it can be very masculine too.  I will be doing articles on kids rooms soon so be sure to look out for those.  Thanks again for dropping these comments here for me, it’s always great to hear from you!

  6. Nice piece of article I must say.

    When it comes to the inner me, my unicorn self screams rainbow…..

    i love them bright and colourful

    But unfortunately I can’t get that rainbow colour right where I want it as hubby begs to differ.

    Anyways I love that Unicorn has come to be a great inspiration to millions of people, my kids inclusive

    By the way you are sure to find them in all angle of my house starting with my kids wears, shoes, headphones, you name them.

    1. Hi Queen

      Thanks for dropping by!  If your inner unicorn screams rainbow then it’s just meant to be 🙂  Your husband may disagree with getting that rainbow colour into the house but you know, you can add subtle elements here and there without going overboard and I’m sure he will hardly notice.  He married a unicorn girl after all so he must have been attracted to that unicorn spirit in you.  Our house is the same too, little unicorn motifs everywhere.  Even my partner smiles when he sees them even if he thinks I’m crazy.  You are right, the Unicorn has become an inspiration to millions all over the world.  The world needs more rainbows right now, maybe try the trick with the crystals, it’s so magical when the sun comes out and the little rainbows appear.

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