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Unicorn Flower Bouquet – Perfect Gift for Unicorn Mums this Mothers Day

March 31st is Mothers Day in the UK this year, 12th May if you’re celebrating in the USA, so if your mum is a unicorn too why not create for her the perfect unicorn bouquet? 

The secret language of flowers

Did you know different flowers have meanings?  In Victorian times flowers were chosen on the basis of meanings ascribed to them so a bouquet was put together to create a message the giver could not say out loud.  Some of these flower meanings are still commonly used today, for example red roses are a symbol of love.  Daffodils, one of the first flowers to reappear in the Spring symbolise rebirth and new beginings while white lilies have a strong association with funerals.  During the Victorian era Botany, the scientific study and classification of plants, started to develop as a popular hobby.  It appealed very much to the Victorian thirst for knowledge, education and the great outdoors.  The Victorians were also incredibly romantic and couldn’t resist adding secret meanings to the flowers of different plants.  This was also very much an era of discretion and keeping your feelings hidden so what better way to express yourself without saying a word than by selecting a floral bouquet to get your message across?

Unicorn Flowers

To help you create the perfect unicorn bouquet, here is a list of readily available blooms which your local florist will easily be able to put together for you.  Each flower has a meaning that relates to unicorns such as enchantment, nobility, purity, wisdom, playfulness and imagination.  Have fun creating your unicorn mum a bouquet as unique and magical as she is.

Yellow Lily – ‘Walking On Air’

Yellow Lily – Dancing on air like a sunbeam

Unicorns of course can walk on air, some can even fly. Like the rays of the sun these bold yellow blooms burst open and radiate pure happiness.

Dahlia – ‘Dignity & Elegance’

Dahlia – Dignity, elegance and up to 12″ in diameter – phew!

Like unicorns, Dahlias come in a great variety of colours, from the palest pastels to the most vivid hues.

White Carnation – ‘Loveliness, Innocence, Purity’

White Carnations can change colour, read on to discover how…

Carnations last a long time as a cut flower if looked after well.

Gypsophilia – ‘Pure of Heart’

Gypsophilia, – As sweet as a baby unicorn’s first breath

Also known as Baby’s Breath as these tiny flowers seem to hang in the air like a cloud. They are often used to fill the space between bigger bolder blooms. Baby Unicorn’s Breath maybe?

Rununculus – ‘Radiant & Charming’

Ranunculus – It’s just a big bold buttercup

With a name that sounds like a wise and ancient Unicorn, these are actually giant buttercups. Hold one under your chin and if it reflects, you might be a unicorn.

Gerbera – ‘Forever Young’

Gerbera – Like Sunflowers, Gerbera’s always turn their faces to the sun

Gerberas look just like the flowers children draw and are associated with youth and playfulness. They come in all the colours of the rainbow too.

White Heather – ‘Protection from Harm, Wishes Come True’

Magical White Heather for luck and protection

Heather has long been associated with luck and protection. Looking both like tiny unicorn horns and unicorn tails it’s no wonder this fragrant plant has so many magical properties.

Rose – Every Colour has a Meaning


White – ‘Purity’, Peach – ‘Immortality’, Lavender – ‘Enchantment’, Purple – ‘Nobility’, Red – ‘Love’.

Lupin – ‘Imagination’

Lupins, add a unicorn’s horn to your bouquet

These magnificent flowers add a definite unicorn horn to any bouquet. What’s a unicorn without a vivid imagination?

Purple & Blue Iris – ‘Faith, Valour, Wisdom, Friendship’

Blue Iris – Brave, gallant bold & beautiful

Four words that pretty much sum up the nature of the unicorn. Apart from happy, magical & fun of course!

Gladioli – ‘Strength in Battle’

Gladioli – From the Roman word Gladiator

Another huge impressive bloom representing the power of the unicorn and available in a rainbow of vivid colours.

So many to choose!

So there you have it, so many fabulous unicorn flowers to choose from when creating your secret message to your unicorn mum this Mothers Day! There is another kind of unicorn flower however, but just like unicorns, these are not so easy to find…

What are Unicorn Roses?

Have you ever seen anything as magical as these? People ask me if these are real, just as they ask me are unicorns real. My answer is the same – yes, kind of, well probably, in a way. Unicorn Roses are real, and there are other kinds of unicorn flowers available too, but they have all had a little help to come into being.

The Rainbow Rose

The original Rainbow Rose, as it is known commercially, was invented by a Dutch scientist called Peter van de Werken. The exact process is a secret of course, but it basically involves injecting white roses with various coloured dyes at different locations around the stem. As the plant draws up water to drink, the water brings the dye with it. Rose blossoms form in a circular fashion so the petals contain the dye from that section of the stem. The result is individual petals containing one or maybe two colours from each of all seven colours of the rainbow.

Make your own Unicorn Flowers

You can make rainbow roses by taking a white rose and splitting the stem into four and placing each slice of the stem in water containing food colour. It will take a few days for the rose to develop so it’s best to select a very young rose that is still in bud. Make sure it has a fairly long stem as you need to make a long incision in the stem in order for the four quarters of the stem to reach four different coloured vases! It might be an interesting experiment to try however it is much easier to experiment with other types of unicorn flowers.

A Unicorn Chrysanthemum

All you need is a collection of old jam jars and a window sill, some food colouring and sugar. The best flowers to use are carnations, daisies and chrysanthemums, but they must be white. This is a fun project to do with children as they will be able to learn how plants drink. Simply do a search online for ‘capillary action’ and explain how the plants suck up the water just like drinking through a straw. Don’t be afraid to use lots of food colouring, the more you use the stronger the finished colour will be. Be sure to add a little sugar to each jar, cut flowers need food as well as drink!

For a fabulous display of unicorn flowers take a bunch of plastic test tubes, available quite cheaply online. Place water, food colour and sugar in each tube and then stand the tubes crowded together inside a wider jar so they all stay upright. Pop a single white flower into each tube. Finally wind a couple of metres of wide brightly coloured ribbon around the jar and tie in a huge bow. This will conceal the individual test tubes so no one will know the secret! After a day or two your white carnations will bloom into a magnificent pastel rainbow. Just remember to keep topping up the tubes so they don’t run dry. This would make a fantastic gift for children to make for grandma. Imagine her surprise as her lovely white carnations transform into magical unicorn flowers!

Is your mum a unicorn mum? How do you celebrate Mothers Day? We’d love to read your stories in the comments box below.

4 thoughts on “Unicorn Flower Bouquet – Perfect Gift for Unicorn Mums this Mothers Day

  1. Loving this article!! It just got better and better! And I love the end part about how to create your own rainbow roses, I’m definitely trying that! Awesome!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you for your comments, I’m glad you liked it. Rainbow roses are hard, I would recommend white carnations or daisies for the best results. I will post some pictures soon to show how mine turned out

  2. I love this x the meaning of flowers I think has been forgotten or lost over time and it’s too easy to pick up a random bunch at a supermarket these days. I especially love about the unicorn/rainbow flowers as I recall my neighbour giving me a blue daffodil when I was about 5 and it really was the most magical flower I have ever been given! Such a lovely memory this post made me think of

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for your comments, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s amazing how the simplest of things can suddenly bring back a treasured memory sometimes isn’t it?

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