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Muller UniCorners – for a limited time only!

Newsflash !!

Available to buy right now and ready to celebrate

International Unicorn Day Tuesday 9th April

Exclusive to Asda and for a limited time only, Muller have launched magical UniCorners!  See what they did there?   It’s a Muller Corner, but with a cute unicorn on the pack so they’re UniCorners!Muller UniCorner 6 pack

Basically its a tasty strawberry flavour yogurt with magical silver crunch balls and a cute unicorn design.  We are not sure what is magical about these little crunch balls, but they are certainly very sparkly!  Here at Unicorn Everything we got very excited, of course, and trotted off to Asda at our first opportunity to seek them out.  Well, we had to do a taste test for you didn’t we?

Our Verdict – Very Tasty, Very Cute, Very Pink and Very Sparkly

Available in packs of six so plenty to share this National Unicorn Day.  Unicorners will only be around for a limited time and Muller haven’t said how long this will be so we can only recommend that you grab yours now.  Remember you can only get these in Asda so don’t go looking anywhere else for them or you will be disappointed!  It’s probably best to buy a couple of packs because we predict these are going to be very popular with unicorns everywhere.  We are happy to report that the Unicorn Eveything fridge is well stocked, well for the time being at least…

Unicorn Mums will be also be delighted to learn that Muller have found a secret way to reduce the sugar in their yogurts by up to 9% whilst making them even creamier at the same time for a guilt free treat for little kids, and for big kids too.  No artifical sweeteners or preservatives either so these really are a little bit magic.

We predict that UniCorners will be popping up in lunch boxes all over the UK next Tuesday for the big event – International Unicorn Day but here at Unicorn Everything we couldn’t wait that long of course!

rainbow unicorn eating cupcake

April Fooled

We are pleased to confirm that unlike some unicorn treats UniCorners are absolutely real.  We are of course referring to those cheeky monkeys at HelloFresh who teased us all with their Unicorn April Fool video on Monday.  Here at Unicorn Everything, we thought the HelloFresh Unicorn box looked amazing so there were some trembling lips when we realised we couldn’t actually order one.

The video is absolutely brilliant though and it’s given us lots of ideas for unicorn party foods.  If you haven’t seen it already you can watch it here:


However you celebrate National Unicorn Day, be sure not to miss out on UniCorners because they are only available for a limited time so will soon be as elusive as a real unicorn.

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