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International Unicorn Day – How to Celebrate

Did you know there is a National Unicorn Day? And an International Unicorn Day too because unicorns are one of those rare creatures who can be found on every continent on the planet! Happily National Unicorn Day and the international version fall on the same date, April 9th so wherever you are in the world everyone gets to celebrate our favourite fabulous creature on the same day.

When is National Unicorn Day 2019?

In the past there has been some debate about when exactly is the correct date for this marvelous celebration of everything unicorn. People were celebrating on a variety of dates in January, February, March and September and there was some confusion about whether National and International Unicorn Day were on the same date. As if by magic, in recent years, one single date has emerged and seems to be unifying unicorns and unicorn-lovers across the globe. We are proud therefore to confirm that Tuesday 9th April 2019 is National Unicorn Day (and International Unicorn Day also!)

A Unicorn Mystery

Here’s another mysterious and magical fact for you. Nobody knows exactly when International Unicorn Day started, and there is no record of where the first celebrations were held. At Unicorn Everything we have made it our mission to research the origins of this wonderful occasion. After hours and hours of in-depth study we have uncovered the origin of this event and are delighted to reveal it here for the very first time. The truth is that the global jamboree that is International Unicorn Day came into being by the power of unicorns themselves.

Every unicorn is of course telepathic, which means they communicate with one another by thought without having to speak out loud. They can do this across thousands of miles when they need to. Unicorns may, if they should so wish, decide to talk to you with their voices, in which case you are very honoured indeed, but they are more inclined to simply look you in the eye and you will know exactly what they are saying.

What actually happened is that all the unicorns of the world, by the power of telepathy, all wished at the same time for the same thing. Uniting in desire for a global day of fun, frolics and fabulousness, the unicorns of the world miraculously willed Unicorn Day into being. Simply by focusing on their heart’s desire, Unicorn Day was born. This astounding feat of worldwide unicorn telepathy just so happened to occur at midnight on the 8th of April some years ago and so certain sensitive and intuitive mortal humans awoke on April 9th with the unshakeable knowledge that it was National Unicorn Day and they really ought to do something to mark the occasion.

So, What is National Unicorn Day?

At its simplest, it is a day to take time out of the boring and mundane, kick back and remember all the things that make life special and bring you happiness. The best way to do this is to relax, close your eyes and visualise your unicorn in front of you. If you open your mind to these powerful but adorable creatures they will come to you. Do it now for a moment, can you see him/her? Made you smile didn’t they? Unicorn Day is a day for day-dreams and making wishes come true so talk to your unicorn and be open to the messages they have for you. They might tell you to follow your dreams, or they might just tell you a joke, or they may simply nuzzle up and let you know that you are loved.

How to Celebrate National Unicorn Day

There are many ways to mark this auspicious day. Unicorn events are starting to pop up all over the place, from parties to parades to discounts on unicorn themed goods so be sure to look out for those in your favourite high street stores and online. Search for unicorn gifts, clothes and accessories on and around Unicorn Day and based on the experience of previous years, you will find discounts, free shipping and other special offers. Don’t forget to check social media for unicorn-themed events near you or maybe use your social media to start one yourself.

Coffee bars and cake shops are a good place to head to on Unicorn Day as they will often create some speciality unicorn food and drink in honour of the festivities. ‘The Unicorn’ is a very traditional name for pubs and alehouses in the UK such as The Unicorn Inn, or The Unicorn Tavern. Why not do a search for your nearest Unicorn pub or bar and ask them what they are doing to mark Unicorn Day? As the occasion is becoming more popular, more and more of these venues are putting on themed events in celebration of their namesake. If you don’t find anything local to you why not simply throw a unicorn party for your friends at home?

This year the festivities fall on a Tuesday which is a brilliant way to brighten up what is otherwise a very mundane day of the week, being neither a weekend nor a miserable Monday. Traditionally people celebrate by chilling out, watching a DVD such as ‘The Last Unicorn’ and eating unicorn themed food which is of course bright, colourful and delicious. Unicorn themed food includes anything with sprinkles whether that be cakes or drinks but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Unicorn noodles are as delicious as they are pretty and so versatile because there is a unicorn noodle dish for everyone. Go ahead and make it your own way, because as unicorns are always reminding us, ‘be yourself’.

Unicorn Noodles

You will need:

A red cabbage

Your favourite dried noodles, wheat or rice but rice noodles work the best

Stir-fry vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, carrots, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, broccoli

Meat, fish or tofu, or simply leave these out

A sprinkle of Chinese Five Spice powder

A splash of Soy Sauce or Sweet Chilli Sauce

A lemon or lemon juice such as Jif


The secret is in the cabbage and the lemon. Finely shred the red cabbage and bring to the boil then simmer in as little water as you can. The colour will leak out of the cabbage as it cooks so by using the minimum amount of water you will get the strongest colour you can achieve, but don’t let the pan boil dry or you will lose all the magic.

Cook your noodles according to the instructions on the packet but using the red cabbage water instead of plain water. The noodles will absorb the colour from the cabbage and come out violet purple!

While the noodles are cooking, make the stir fry as you usually would using just the vegetables & protein. Add a sprinkle of Five Spice powder to taste. When it is cooked, splash on some Soy Sauce or Sweet Chilli Sauce, in the pan or wok. It is important to keep your flavourings such as sauce or spice in the wok and keep separate from the noodles or you will ruin the effect!

Place the purple noodles in your serving bowls then squeeze some lemon juice on them here and there and watch those noodles turn pink. When you are happy with your pink and violet noodles, add your stir-fry to one side of the bowl because it’s the noodles that are the star of this dish. Voila! – unicorn noodles – a brilliant way to encourage children young and old to eat more vegetables.

Unicorn Food Ideas

There are lots of other fabulous unicorn-themed recipes to be found here.

Here at Unicorn Everything this book is a cookery essential. If like us you love cakes and cookies, even flicking through this book is a real tummy-rumbler and there are healthy smoothies and fruity ice-lollies to make too. There are recipes suitable for all ages to make and my own school unicorn uses her copy regularly to whip up something fantastic for a family treat or to share with her friends.  Why not go ahead and try something yummy today!

The Scottish Unicorn

If you want to see a unicorn – head to Scotland. Depending on where you live this may or not be so feasible, however if you live in Scotland, or if you are particularly knowledgeable you will know that the Unicorn is the National Animal Of Scotland. This is one of the reasons why Scotland leads the way in celebrating Unicorn Day. Almost 20% of all land in Scotland is forest and 50% of the country is moorland. It is because of this unique environment that the country has one of the world’s largest unicorn populations. With so many wild places Scotland offers the unicorn the opportunity to hide from unbelievers. They are free to run wild in the vast open landscape and so they thrive in the country that has adopted them as its national emblem.

Did you know that 75% of the world’s heather moorland is also in Scotland? It is the inclusion of purple heather in the unicorn’s diet that keeps the lilac colour in their manes and tails healthy and vibrant, just in the same way that flamingos eat shrimp to keep their plumage pink.

To read more about where you can spot a unicorn on your visit to Scotland, click here.

Unicorn Greeting Cards

Don’t forget to send a Happy Unicorn Day card this International Unicorn Day

Unicorns are all about imagination and creativity so if you can’t find a Happy Unicorn Day card in your local shop then the unicorn thing to do is to make one. In fact, make several and send or give them to the people you love.

For lots more ideas on how to add a little unicorn magic to every day and keep the celebration going all year round head over to our post on Top Ten Ways to be a Unicorn.

Happy Unicorn Day Everybody!

10 thoughts on “International Unicorn Day – How to Celebrate

  1. Oh my goodness. I did not know there was so much about unicorns that I have been missing out on. National Unicorn Day and International Unicorn Day. Awesome. Reading this article just brings the unicorns to life for me. I love the way you write and explain in such easy to understand detail. That is important because I have looked at other articles and gave up before getting very far. You did a terrific job here. These ideas are stealable and shareable. Thank you for taking the time and best wishes to you. 

    1. Hi Coach

      I’m so sorry you missed out on Unicorn Day, but fear not, you have almost 12 months to prepare for the next one!  

      I am delighted if I have brought the subject to life for you.  I think you might guess that unicorns mean a lot to me, so expect more unicorn features soon.  Please do share if you are enjoying this site.  If there is any element of unicorn lore and lifestyle you would like to read about, let me know 🙂

  2. I love mythical or non mythical creatures of every kind and I believe they exist in us all.  Unicorns are really not that far of a stretch to believe they might of existed in the past, after all the physical make up isn’t that different from a horse and dinosaurs had horns so…why not.

    I think holding a day to recognize this magical creature is a great idea, if we can have a day to celebrate Halloween why not give it a positive spin and tap into the beauty and mysticism unicorns offer.

    1. Hi Amanda

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I agree that there’s no reason at all to dismiss the unicorn as purely mythical because they endure across so many different countries and cultures for thousands of years now.

      I love International Unicorn Day, I hope it will really start to become part of our popular culture, just like Halloween.  I phoned my local tourism board in Liverpool and asked what they were doing in the city for Unicorn Day. The lady I spoke to was genuinely mortified when she realised that they had missed a trick by not organising something big.  As she said, everyone has a unicorn onesie, or t-shirt or something these days.  I predict a Unicorn Parade in Liverpool next year.  You heard it here first!

  3. Dear Ally,

    Thanks for the article I enjoyed it. The history behind how the Unicorn day was born was very informative and its really amazing to know that they can communicate via telepathy.

    When you asked to imagine, to be honest even before closing my eyes I can see it (Pure white color). My wife’s first gift to me is the Unicorn Key Chain so unicorn means a lot to me. I learned a lot of helpful and new information from this article.

    I am not aware of the unicorn food ideas and gonna try it, thanks for sharing. 

    Sorry for the delay,

    Happy Unicorn Day!


    1. Hi Paul, what a lovely story about your wife’s first gift to you, she must have thought you were very special and unique.  It’s amazing really how the unicorn has such powerful associations for so many people.  Unicorn food is fun, and it can be healthy as well as sweet.  I hope you have fun trying the unicorn recipes out 🙂

  4. Yes Unicorn day is now an internationally recognised program. Unicorn day is a day of happiness, a day to forget all the bad things of life. And special foods make the environment more entertaining. 

    I just have looked the cook book. May I know how many recipes are there in the cook book? I just want to know before placing order. 

    1. It’s a lovely book, a real favourite in our house!  There are about 50 recipes ranging from cupcakes and celebration cakes to party food, as you might expect.  There is also a breakfast recipe section and drinks.  It’s worth buying for the pictures alone, so pretty and colourful.  A definite must-have if you are planning a unicorn-themed party or jus fancy a treat.

  5. Everything unicorn addressed in the best way possible the Unicorn National and International day celebrations. For me the unicorn is the symbol of one’s inner gut, your intuition, your identity. It basically is whatever represents what makes you different and unique and on the international celebration day this should be the highlight for us all as individuals irrespective of Nationality.

    1. You are so right Idara, the unicorn is a symbol of our individuality and we should all have pride in our unique identities.  

      Some call it National Unicorn Day, others say International Unicorn Day because it is occurs on the same day wherever it is celebrated all over the globe.  Whatever you decide to call it, it is a day for self-empowerment, fun and happiness.

      Sparkles and Rainbows 🙂

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