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About Us

Welcome to Unicorn Everything – we hope it will become your go-to place for, well, everything unicorn related really! Here you will find gifts, accessories, cool clothing and beautiful home ware to make your home more magical. Throwing a unicorn themed party? – we have all the accessories you need to delight your guests. Creating a unicorn bedroom for a little one? – this is a one-stop shop for curtains, bedding, lamps, wall art, accessories, rugs…the list is endless. We cater for unicorns of all ages, if you can dream it, you’ll find it here. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Our Unicorn Story

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by unicorns. They would appear from time to time in fairy tales, usually providing assistance in times of great need or danger and then disappear. Never the main character in any story their presence was always unexpected. They would appear mysteriously and disappear the same way too. I used to wonder where they came from, where they returned to and why the author could never follow them home. Unicorns are an enigma and that is a strong part of their appeal.

Unicorns are beautiful. Whether that is the traditional snow white creature, as graceful as any thoroughbred horse or the rainbow hued flying Pegasus or the cheeky little pudgy Shetland pony types, each has their unique appeal and each is beautiful in its own way.

I think it is this that drew me to them as well as the fact that unicorns never fail. They may not often appear, they certainly don’t hog the limelight or expect any reward when they do, but in times of crisis, when all seems lost, the unicorn will never let you down.

Growing Up

Wind forward many moons and as a single mum raising my daughter alone my life has many challenges. I’m juggling a full-time job, a home, a mortgage and all the highs and lows of single motherhood. My little girl is growing rapidly before my eyes, she starts and finishes nursery. She goes to (gulp!) ‘big school’. She asks difficult questions. She starts to grow in independence, although of course she is still a child and will forever be my baby! And then the harsher realities start to kick in. Falling in and out of friendship in school, being invited to parties, being not invited to parties and then demanding answers to questions about her daddy, why hasn’t she got brothers and sisters and all manner of questions there is no easy answer to when a 6 year old whom you love more than anything in the world asks them.

More than anything she is starting to feel different to the other kids at school. ‘Why do I have to be different?’ is the resounding tear-filled question she demands of me. Of course we are all different and it is easy at that age to believe everyone else is somehow all the same, all better than us, all more perfect than us. In many ways she IS different. She is exceptionally bright, academic, funny and quirky. She is bold, loud, opinionated and sometimes she gets picked on for it, or gets herself into trouble. Sitting on her bed, rocking her back and to in my arms as she sobs about being different for the umpteenth time, I glance up at her tiny school uniform hanging on the wardrobe door, and suddenly it hits me. I look her in the eye and calmly tell her that it is because she is The School Unicorn.

The School Unicorn

She stops sobbing for a moment and looking up at me with wide eyes she asks, ‘Mummy, what’s The School Unicorn?’ Now I am on the spot because honestly I hadn’t thought this one through but unicorns never let you down, they appear mysteriously in times of great need just as this one had just popped in my head! So I explained that unicorns are amazing magical creatures. No one really knows much about them because they are mysterious but they are wise and beautiful and kind and brave and true to themselves. Not everyone can see a unicorn because some people are too mean on the inside or their minds are too closed and because unicorns are very very rare. But to people who can see unicorns, they are the most wonderful creatures of all. The sobbing stops. ‘Mummy, tell me more about The School Unicorn’, and so I do…

Unicorns Today

Wind forward a few more years and my Unicorn is now a teenager. And she is still the School Unicorn although it’s not a phrase we use so regularly these days – but the principle is still there. Living with a teenager, we lock horns regularly, spiral glittery horns of course because unicorns are fierce too sometimes! But when she wants to show her appreciation or at Christmas or birthdays or just out of the blue because she spots something she knows I’d like, she gives me something unicorn.

This site is for all the unicorns out there and the unicorn lovers. We hope you will find it fun and we aim for you to find all your unicorn needs in one store.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Sparkles and rainbows,




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  1. I enjoyed reading your “About Us” page. It was very funny and entertaining. I loved the story you told your daughter about her being the school unicorn when she was made fun of by other students. It shows you have a lot of talent and imagination. I guess you straightened out your daughter and made her proud of who she now felt like as a “school unicorn.”

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